Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999 Report: Yvonne West (Penzance, Cornwall)

Thick black clouds covered the sky, suddenly it poured down. In the pub I heard the TV saying that first contact had been made at this point I thought that all was lost. Luckily the rain subsided, and a cold breeze blew up around 11.05am, then very quickly at 11.11am it went dark as night. We could see a thin band of light on the horizon at the edge of the shadow. The seagulls grouped together screeching frantically. Suddenly all the land around us glistened with thousands of flash bulbs from cameras. Fireworks were set off and the salvation army stopped singing, it was a pity that we could not see the diamond ring or the corona; but I think that it was worth the trip to see and fell the awe of it all. It is something that you can’t explain in words and photos don’t do it justice, you just have to be there!