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A journal of the proceedings of the Observatories.
Editors were Mr Rob Corrigan & Mr David Gittins.

First Published in 1972 this publication was produced by the efforts of those members who regularly attended the City Observatory. Its content reflected the interests of the observing sections and the special interest groups whose projects and observations were coordinated from the Observatory.

This journal was relaunched in 1994 following the opening of the Pex Hill Observatory,
coupled with the success of the summer lecture series on practical astronomy at the City
Observatory. These two factors had shown the need for presenting this subject matter to
a wider audience.


First published in November 1987 by Mr David Galvin and Mr Roy Billingsley.
It is published monthly, at Society meetings, and provides the membership with up-to-date astronomical news, views, observations, and discoveries, from local, national, and World sources. It is produced by the members for the members.

The present Editor is Mr Gerard Gilligan.
Published monthly for Society meetings, plus June-August.
Cost 40p
Contents of new issue here

“Observatory News”

First published in July 1997, and is printed as a supplement to the monthly LAS Newscircular.

Issued monthly, this information sheet keeps members in touch with observations, public events, at the City Observatory and maintance work on going at the Pex Hill Observatory.

Editor is the Director of the Observatories

 BOOKLETS – North West Astronomers Series

Title Author Price
 Jeremiah Horrocks  W. F. Bushell £1.50
 Charles Leadbetter – Cronton’s own Astronomer  J. R. Platt £1.50
 William Lassell  G. J. Gilligan £1.50
 Isaac Roberts  F. S. Hughes £1.50
The History Of Liverpool Astronomical Society Complied by
G. J. Gilligan

BOOKLETS – Getting Started in Astronomy Series

Title Author Price
 Liverpool Monthly Sky Diary A. Williams £2.00
 Astronomical Events for the Liverpool Area Edited by
A. Williams
 Halo Observation (With Recording disc for P.C.) Alastair McBeath £1.50
 Aurorae from Britain Alastair McBeath £1.50
 Binary Stars – an Historical Perspective F. Stephen Hughes £1.50
The History Of Liverpool Astronomical Society Complied by
G. J. Gilligan
 Observing Mars Cliff Meredith £1.50
 Comets Jonathan Shanklin £1.50
The Observation of Solar Eclipses
(A must for anyone going to observe the June 2001 eclipse)
Eric Jones £1.50
Buying a Telescope Tony Williams £1.50
Using a Telescope Tony Williams £2.00
Step by Step Astrophotography Rob Johnson £1.50
Observing the Sun Eric Strach £1.50
Drawing the Moon and Planets Steve Taylor £1.50
Observing Variable Stars Rob Corrigan £1.50
Observing Saturn Alan Heath £1.50
Observing the Moon Geoff Amery £1.50
The Messier Objects Dave Owen £1.50
The Planet Jupiter John Knott £1.50
Mercury and Venus J. Hedley-Robinson £1.50
The Search for Novae Guy Hurst £1.50

BOOKLETS – Advanced Astronomy Techniques

Title Author Price
The Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha  Eric Strach  £1.50
 Binary Stars – an Historical Perspective  F. Stephen Hughes  £1.50

Aids to Observing

Item Description Price
Stonyhurst Disks A complete set of disks covering all inclinations of the Sun from 0 degrees to 7 degrees. Suitable for recording sunspots. £2.00
Polar Alignment Chart (laminated) £2.50
Saturn Blanks A complete set of 29 blanks for drawing the planet Saturn. A Set of Jupiter Blanks is included. £1.50
A Do-It-Yourself Planisphere A card and plastic kit for making up a planisphere – a device which shows you you the night sky for any time of the year. Suitable for all ages. £1.50
Astronomical Greeting Cards
(Pack of 4)

These publications may be obtained at the Society’s monthly meetings.

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Liverpool Astronomical Society
c/o Mr Tony Williams
14 Whitelodge Avenue,
Huyton, Merseyside
L36 2PU
England, U.K.

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The Liverpool Astronomical Society is registered as an educational trust and actively promotes Astronomy throughout Merseyside and the surrounding area.