Message of thanks re: Wirral Star Party (National Astronomy Week 2014)

Just a message of thanks, once again to all the LAS Members who helped with last night’s Wirral Star Party, which was attended by approx 125 members of the public.

The weather tried to crash the party with rain and cloud, but we did get some clear spells, to enjoy Jupiter, and lots more.
Special thanks to Wirral Ranger Dave, who gave up his night-off to open the Wirral Country Park visitor centre for the event.

The LAS Leighton Observatory Open Day/Night is next Saturday March 8th from 1pm, but we do it all again on the Wirral on Saturday November 1st, 2014 see you there.

Cheers, Gerard

Update: Click here to see some images from the event.

Mr Gerard Gilligan
Hon Secretary,
Liverpool Astronomical Society