Liverpool AS Child Protection Policy

As a member of the FAS, the Society has adopted their Child Protection Guidelines (CPG). It is the responsibility of all members to always be aware of the needs of child protection and to adhere to the guidelines we have adopted. 

Some members will have more contact with children than others. For our LAS events, our normal practice is to always have parents or responsible adults attending LAS events with their children at all times. This means our members do not have to be DBS checked (correct as at October 2014) but for those members who wish to we have left it to the individual to decide. Within the adopted child protection document there are several names that have volunteered to be contact points for any CPG questions or assistance. Please note that they have also been tasked with ensuring we all adhere to these policies so do not be offended if they offer advise or guidance about our CPG policy. These policies are intended to not only protect the children but to ensure members avoid putting themselves in compromising situations. The policy and the names included will be reviewed annually by the LAS council.

The FAS guidelines and our adopted policy can be found by clicking on the links below, please familiarise yourself with them. For more information please contact Steve Southern.

FAS Guidelines

LAS Adoption Document

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