Clear skies tonight – please count the stars and help us save them

We have received an update from Emma Marrington (Senior Rural Policy Campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England), regarding the Star Count for National Astronomy Week 2014 (which runs until 8th March).

Campaigns updateCampaign to Protect Rural England

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Good afternoon

Last weekend, I went out and took a look at the night sky to see how many stars I could count in the constellation of Orion. I counted seven in outer London. I’ve added my result to our Star Count survey which will help us create a map of England showing where the most stars can be seen and where light pollution is spoiling our view of the night sky.

Constellation of OrionTake part in our Star Count

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have already taken part in our Star Count and submitted your results. We’d love to see more of you join in. With some clear nights ahead there’s no better time for some stargazing.

Can you spare just ten minutes one evening this week to take part in a spot of citizen science? Just look towards the south after 7pm and tell us what you can see within the four corner stars of Orion – see the picture. If you count more than thirty stars then you are lucky enough to have truly dark skies. A count of fewer than ten stars means your view of the night sky is blighted by light pollution.

Astromaster 21064 telescopeTell us your result and enter our prize draw

Your results will give us the evidence we need to illustrate how light pollution is affecting views of the night sky across the country. When you submit your results, you’ll also have the chance to enter our competition to win a stunning telescope.
Tell us your results
If you are suffering from light pollution you’ll also find information on our website about how you can take action about light pollution problems in your area.

Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your support for our campaign.

Best wishes,
Emma Marrington
Senior Rural Policy Campaigner
Campaign to Protect Rural England

PS: Spread the word

Please forward this to your friends to encourage more people to take part in our Star Count challenge

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