Buying a New Telescope

With the current popularity of astronomy due to programmes like BBC Stargazing Live there has been a marked increase in telescope sales. We regularly get requests from people struggling with their new purchases and we often find they have purchased something which is unsuitable for their needs – here at the Liverpool AS we are only too happy to help and advise on telescope purchases but we recommend that you come and talk to us first and hopefully get to look through some telescopes.

Our regular public Weekly Meetings are free to attend, and we also run various other public events such as Star Parties and open days. Keep an eye on our homepage, our Syllabus, or specifically the Events list to see if any are upcoming.

If you’re unable to visit, don’t worry – we can still help.

Please don’t be afraid to ask before you purchase something that may end up gathering dust in a loft or garage.

Please also check out our article, “Buying a Telescope” by LAS Member Steve Southern.