Slight re-organisation of the main menu

This is just a quick post to let you know that the main menu has been slightly re-organised.
Some items which were previously at the ‘top’ level of the menu are now in sub-levels, specifically the index of content from the pre-2004 LAS website which can now be found as a sub-menu of the “All Articles” menu, and various other menu items which are now under the “News & Resources” top-level menu (formerly called just “News”).

Remember, all menu items are clickable, even those with sub-menus.

Also, don’t forget that you can find articles on specific topics by using the Articles & Categories box (found on the right of the homepage, unless you are on a small screen/mobile device, in which case it is below the homepage content) – the same applies to the expandable Categories as to the menus, i.e. parent categories are also clickable and may yield more articles than the sum of those in its sub-categories.

In addition, we recently added the Related posts section at the end of each article.

If you are unable to find the article(s) which you are looking for, there is also the Search box above the main menu.

If you find an article on our site which you think should be in particular categories, or should be tagged with particular keywords, do please let us know in the comments for that article so that we can improve your use of our website.

Mark G.